(St Patrick's is the example but applies for all schools)
Year 1Year 1 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Marvellous MonarchsYear 1 Me and My world
Year 1 Spring Assessment leaflet - Me and My World
Learning and Growing Yr 1English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 1 Writing IndicatorsYr 1 MNP Progression
Year 2Great Fire of London Theme Year 2
Year 2 Autumn Assessment leaflet - Great Fire
Year 2 Explorers
Year 2 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Exploring the UK
Learning and Growing Yr 2English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 2 Writing IndicatorsYr 2 MNP Progression
Year 3Egyptians Year 3
Year 3 Autumn Assessment Leaflet - Egyptians
Year 3 Europe
Year 3 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Europe
Learning and Growing Yr 3English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 3 Writing IndicatorsYr 3 MNP Progression
Year 4The Greeks Year 4
Year 4 Autumn Assessment Leaflet - Greeks
Year 4 Rainforest
Year 4 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Rainforest
Learning and Growing Yr 4English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 4 Writing IndicatorsYr 4 MNP Progression
Year 5The Tudors Planning Year 5
Year 5 Autumn Assessment leaflet - Tudors
Year 5 Africa
Year 5 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Africa
Learning and Growing Yr 5English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 5 Writing IndicatorsYr 5 MNP Progression
Year 6The Great Wars Planning - Yr 6
Year 6 Autumn Assessment leaflet - Great Wars
Year 6 Active Earth
Year 6 Spring Assessment Leaflet - Active Earth
Learning and Growing Yr 6English Stimulus Spine (Y1 - 6)Yr 6 Writing IndicatorsYr 6 MNP Progression

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