The diagram shows the Governance structure of the Romero Catholic Academy and how the Board of Directors, Principals Committee and the Local Academy Committees relate to each other.

You can see the dates of all meetings on the Calendar.  Each Committee will eventually have its own set of pages linked to below (please follow the initial link to see any subcommittees).

Board of Director Meetings

The Board meets regularly and has a recently revised structure of three core committees.

Any Business or Pecuniary interests declared by the Board are listed here

Local Academy Committees

Each school has it’s own Academy Committee. You can find out more through the following links:

The Board of Directors delegate local responsibilities to the Academy Committee including day to day operational matters such as Catholic Life, health and safety, staffing appointments (everything other than the Principal and Vice Principal and in the case of Cardinal Wiseman the Head of RE and Chaplain), developing the unique identity, local community and traditions for the school.