CC1: Finance, Audit, Resources and Premises

This is a key Committee that gives strategic oversight on a range of aspects in relation to Finance, Governance, the Estate and Risk Management.

Terms of Reference

CC1 ToRs For Ratification 2022-2023


Victor BellantiChairDirector
Dean KavanaghMemberDirector
Ian Jones MemberCo-opted Director
John GibbonsAcademy
Sacred Heart
Co-opted Academy representative
Helen QuinnInvitedCSEL
Brendan Fawcett InvitedDirector
Paul Madia InvitedExecutive Principal
Lorraine StantonInvitedExecutive Principal
Matt EverettInvited Principal
Megan ScullionInvitedAssociate Principal
Terrie KenyonInvitedChief Finance Officer
Tom O'ReillyInvitedHead of Estate
Kate GodfreyInvitedHead of Governance Compliance and Risk
Angela CraigGovernance ProfessionalGovernance Professional


Our Auditors are Dains.