CC2: Strategy, People and Organisational Development

This is a key Committee that gives strategic oversight on a range of aspects in relation to our People. We spend between 70 and 80% of our budget on the staff across our school so this is a vital Committee to ensure we develop, support and challenge our work force.

Terms of Reference

CC2 Term of Reference 2021-2022


Julie FuleaChairFoundation Director
Brendan FawcettMemberFoundation Director
Ian JonesMemberCo-opted Director
Ann HarkinAcademy RepresentativeLGB Chair
Good Shepherd
Pat GarnerAcademy RepresentativeLGB Chair
SS Peter and Paul
Helen Quinn InvitedCSEL
Danielle KinghamInvitedHead of School
Michelle GarveyInvitedHead of School
Andrew McConvilleInvitedPrincipal
Amy HironsInvitedSenior Assistant Vice Principal
Angela CraigGovernance ProfessionalGovernance Professional

HR Portal

We use Cintra as our dashboard for HR.  We also use Cintra for Payroll.