Year 5

Social distancing

Please enjoy our video of our two day event with messages from Year 6 teachers/ fellow pupils.

Please be advised that the montage of photos are mainly on the first day and many of our children have not been in school since March so a number of pupils were adapting to the new guidelines.

We consistently asked children to maintain social distancing and the children managed really well during Day 2 using their arms to distance from peers to generally ensure social distance of 1m+ .

This is in keeping with the DfE Guidance that states “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. “

Children regularly sanitised hands before and after each activity and we had reminders throughout the day to spread out in the space provided.

Letter to Year 5 Parents – 8th July 2020

Home School Agreement COVID19 – Year 5 Moves Up

Resources from Day 1

Here is the Risk Assessment:

The document is available by clicking here

And overview of the timetable is available by clicking here

School numbers

SchoolCorpus ChristiSt GregorySacred HeartGood ShepherdSS Peter and PaulSt PatrickSt John Fisher
GroupGroup 1Group
Group 2Group
Group 3Group 3Group
BubblesBubble 1 12 pupils
Bubble 2 14 pupils
Bubble 1 10 pupils
Bubble 2 8 pupils
Bubble 1 15 pupils
Bubble 2 15 pupils
Bubble 1 9 pupils
Bubble 2 9 pupils
Bubble 1 14 pupilsBubble 1 14 pupils
Bubble 2 10 pupils
Bubble 1 15 pupils
Bubble 2 15 pupils
The four groups will carousel around the four activities.
AT ALL TIMES, the children remain in their school Bubble group with their member of staff.

For Year 5 children unable to attend the camp at Cardinal Wiseman

We are sorry that you cannot join us at Cardinal Wiseman on 15th and 16th July for our Romero Moves Up Day, however, you are still very much in our thoughts. 

We have therefore created a very special task board that allows you to be part of the action from home if you wish to. Please do let us know if you complete any of the activities listed by getting an adult to send us a photo through Facebook messenger. If you complete the time capsule activity, then please bring your entries into school with you on your first day of Year 6 and these will then be added to our class time capsule. Please click here for your special task board

We also have a very special ‘Year 6 Survival Kit’ waiting for you upon your return to school, which we will keep safe until we see you again. 

Wishing you a lovely summer!

Yr 5 Camp Information

We will be following the updated DfE Guidance on social distancing at all times.

We have expecting approximately 162 pupils for our two days and we are very excited to welcome our Year 5 back!

Mrs Quinn              Mrs Scullion                                        Mr Parry

CEO/ CSEL             Romero Lead Practitioner for Y6    PE and WellBeing