Letter to Year 5 Parents – 8th July 2020

Home School Agreement COVID19 – Year 5 Moves Up

Across our schools within the Romero, we have offered provision for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  We are very keen to see our Year 5 children before the Summer holidays, but the Guidance currently makes this difficult. So after careful consideration we have put together a two-day offer for our pupils across Romero in Year 5 to meet together in their class, with their Year 5 teaching staff (from their own school) at Cardinal Wiseman.

We have limited space remaining in our Primary schools so have looked to the Secondary school to enable us to meet all Year 5 before the Summer holidays.

In Year 6, we offer opportunities to work across the schools and this is led by Mrs Scullion, a Senior Leader in Romero who works with all seven schools across the week. To introduce them to Year 6, we are co-ordinating a two day event at Cardinal Wiseman for all Year 5 pupils so they can meet up with each other and meet Mrs Scullion.

The days will be focused on reflecting on Year 5 as well as looking forward to Year 6; we have planned a range of Team building activities; preparation for Confirmation and memory making sessions for all the pupils wishing to take up this offer.

Due to limited capacity of space in our schools (due to restrictions in the DfE Guidance), this event can only be based at our Secondary school. At Cardinal Wiseman, there will only be a small number of students on site (Wednesday small number of Critical workers) and Thursday (small number of Critical workers and 40 Year 10). 

We will be following the updated DfE Guidance on social distancing at all times and a Risk Assessment will be available for parents/ carers to view. Each school will organise their bubbles and these bubbles will stay together for the two days.

We will share the timetable and the Risk Assessment once we have finalised our numbers here very shortly.

We have expecting approximately 155 pupils for our two days and we are very excited to welcome our Year 5 back!

Mrs Quinn              Mrs Scullion                                        Mr Parry

CEO/ CSEL             Romero Lead Practitioner for Y6    PE and WellBeing


Will their be anyone to show them where to go from the gate. And when picking where will we pick them from? (Parent at Corpus Christi)

Yes – we will have a number staff on hand at the gate to Cardinal Wiseman guiding all Year 5 to Aquinas (the first block you see). Each school will be assigned their own classroom(s) for the two days.

My child has an inhaler and spacer with her and can self-administer. (Parent at Saint John Fisher)

We will include within the Risk Assessment (which will be uploaded here) the support of pupils with Medical conditions so we can ensure all children are safe. happy and secure.

Does my child have to wear uniform? (Parent at Corpus Christi)

As we are gathering the children from across the Primary, we do ask that they wear a uniform (summer or winter) but there is a little leeway . Trainers / pumps would be allowed for these two days.