St John the Baptist Catholic MAT

St John the Baptist Catholic MAT

We hope you all had a safe journey home!
Thank you for the kind gift we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all today.

If you need me to post anything else up just ping an email.

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We have invited the following to lead a session:

  • Dee Williams, Principal St John Fisher Primary
  • Lauren Davies, Y6 Assistant Vice Principal, Sacred Heart
  • Paul Madia, Principal Sacred Heart
  • Tom Leverage, Executive Principal, Cardinal Wiseman, Coventry and Trinity in Leamington Spa


Romero Three year strategic plan 2019 – 2022

Romero Operational Plan 2019 – 2020

Sacred Heart Academy Improvement Plan 2019 – 2020

Examples of collaboration

  • STEAM project 13.11.19

Vocations 2019 2020

Holy Spirit Experience

Romero Focused Review Ofsted March 2018


Powerpoints from session

Helen Quinn:

Brian Conway St John the Baptist Catholic MAT  

Dee Williams

Curriculum November 2019

Tom Leverage

Strategic leadership_ how to be an effective Executive Head


Radiant Light (Image used on the pull up

This was the pull up used as a basis. If you want the image we created get in touch.

I got a deal via email to get them for £50 each plus VAT.