This page was last updated 19th November 2020

National Restrictions from 5th November 2020 – Click here

National Restrictions – What you can and cannot do here

Equality Impact Assessment

Please find below, a copy of the Equality Impact Assessment:

*New* Equality Impact Assessment – The Romero Catholic Academy This has been updated on 27th August. The staff refers to those in TRCA from 1st September. The pupil data will be added once schools are fully opened.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Coventry schools –Final copy published August 22nd 2020

This document to the right, sets out the actions that schools and others should take where members of the school community have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms click here. There are four Scenarios and they could lead to closure of a school(s) within the Romero Catholic Academy. This document is supported by the TRCA Covid 19 Sept 20 Closure plan detailed below.

September Opening

  1. Each school is using the MAC template to tailor the Risk Assessment to their school community.
  2. All Trade Union local branches have been emailed the information to view Risk Assessments and provide response (reference email 15th July).
  3. Each school is consulting with staff who are Trade Unions representatives. The TU representatives are asked to feedback to local branches.
  4. The Board of Directors will be meeting on 20th August to determine if schools are safe to open based on information and Guidance at the time
  5. In the week beginning 24th August each school will convene and Health and Safety Committee including any key staff, governance and Trade Union representation.
  6. The Board of Directors, Academy Committees and Principals will be meeting on 27th August to determine schools are safe to open.
  7. This information will be updated to the Board of Directors on Friday 28th August in readiness for opening on Tuesday 1st September.

Additional Documents

  1. *New* TRCA Test and Trace Policy – updated 4th November 2020
  2. TRCA COVID 19 Sept 2020 Closure plan (including Remote Education n) (to follow)
  3. TRCA Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024 (to follow)
  4. TRCA Operational Plan 2020 – 2021 including Action plans (to follow)
  5. Each school has an Autumn Arrangement plan detailing the staggered timings and site usage for each year group/ phase as appropriate. You will find it after Section 10 in their Risk Assessment
  6. September Opening -Agenda for Health and Safety Committee
  7. September Opening – NGA Guidance here:
  8. DfE Guidance on Out of School Setting; Indoor and Outdoor Provision and Education Visits available here
  9. DfE Guidance on Performing Arts available here

Autumn Term Risk Assessments Final Live Versionlast updated 19th November 2020

Please find below, the Risk Assessments for each of the schools within The Romero Catholic Academy. Fortnightly on a Wednesday, the document is reviewed and updated. Each Thursday we upload the reviewed document as a PDF.

Highlighted changes in green are the most current changes made by the school

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Cardinal Wiseman inc SST – Final live version 19th November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Corpus Christi – Final live version 18th November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Sacred Heart – Final live version 3rd November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment St John Fisher – Final live version 3rd November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Good Shepherd – Final live version 3rd November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Saint Patrick – Final live version 18th November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment Saint Gregory – Final live version 11th November 2020

TRCA COVID 19 Risk Assessment SS Peter and Paul – Final live version 18th November 2020

NASUWT Response to Headteachers July 2020 here

NEU Workplace Checklist for September here

Useful Documents

Unison guidance (received 5th August 2020) click here

Unite GMB Unison NEU checklist for September click here

Training Powerpoints

These will be updated where appropriate for September opening

Refresher GDPR Training slides

Risk Assessment slides (now updated with August 28th guidance)

Section 0 Welcome back Updated 30th August

Section 1 Establishing a safe and gradual approach Updated 30th August

Section 1b Safeguarding Updated 30th August

Section 2 Determining the number of pupils who can be accommodated Updated 30th August

Section 3 Preventative measures to reduce the risk of transmission Updated 30th August

Section 4 Planning movement around the school Updated 30th August

Section 5 Securing and sustaining robust hygiene systems and procedures Updated 30th August

Section 6 Curriculum organisation Updated 30th August

Section 7 Enhancing Mental Health support for pupils and staff; Bereavement Updated 30th August

Section 8 No PowerPoint required at this stage

Section 9 Additional Fire considerations Updated 27th August

Additional Documents

Putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Taking off Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Video Guide – Putting on and removing PPE safely

NHS Guidance on best way to wash your hands

First Aid Cover during COVID 19 *New*

Accident/Incident Reporting Form

CCC Schools Reopening PPE Guidance – updated on 27th May

Cleaning Documents

COVID 19: Cleaning in a non-healthcare setting

HSE Documents

We are using the relevant HSE documentation to enable us to keep our communities safe

HSE Classroom Checklist

HSE Sensible Leadership Management

Public Health Education Guidance

Health and Safety Policy

TRCA Health and Safety Policy

This is the MAC version which is individualised and available on each school’s website.

Useful Videos for children

EYFS Risk assessments

Corpus Christi EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

Good Shepherd EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

Sacred Heart EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

SS Peter and Paul EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

St John Fisher EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

St Patrick’s EYFS Risk Assessment Final Version Updated 9th July

SEND Risk Assessment

SEND Risk Assessment Guidance